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Jin Dongfang
Asian art done in ink on rice paper by artist Jin Dongfang.
Katharina Woodworth
Mystical watercolors deeply rooted in mythology, archetypes, and the divine feminine. Mythical fish, dragons, mermaids, and goddesses are done in a colorful, luminous, fluid, asiatic, and textural style.
Nadja Van Ghelue
Contemporary Japanese Calligraphy by Nadja Van Ghelue - Shodo, its beauty and spiritual power. Woman artist shows inspirational art inspired on Buddhism and Zen.
Neshan Balian
Unique hand painted ceramic tiles, decorative tiles, tile murals and tile art from one of the oldest tile studios in the world.
Petra Voegtle
Asian style Woodcarving, Fiber Art and Photography - contemporary interpretation of ancient Asian art forms captured in wood and textiles.
Roslyn Levin-Gold
A collection of custom portraits of pets any subject from nature (animals, birds, fish, plants...) on clothing; acrylic and sumi-e wildlife paintings; custom handpainted window blinds.
Teo Kim Liong
A renowned artist from Singapore, he paints landscapes, portraits and figures (nudes) in a fusion of Eastern and Western representational styles.
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